Guillaume Miara

A well rounded software engineer with a background in maths
Ex - Staff Engineer at Oscar Health
Ex - Senior Software Engineer at Globality
Ex - Integration engineer and Software Engineer at Navis
Guillaume Miara

If you're working on an early stage start up and need engineering help let's have a chat

With 10 years of software engineering under my belt I can do a number of things from building production grade web apps, testing frameworks, data ingestion pipelines, pure back end services, utility libraries, etc... And I am proficient with quite a few industry standards languages (python, javascript, bash, java) technologies such as gRPC, graphQL and REST APIs, the AWS suite, cluster management software such as Mesos/Aurora or Kubernetes.

Up to July 2021 I worked as a Staff Engineer at Oscar Health where I led several teams (range 2-8 engineers) on various different projects (fullstack consumer web apps, breaking the monolith, third party vendors integrations, ...). The pace at which we built products slowed down (for good reasons: as the user base grew, stability became more important, the company got public and became more regulated) and I realized how much I prefered smaller, faster paced environment, so I have decided to shift gear and refocus my attention on:

  • Project based work with small size companies (less than 30 engineers).
  • Building my own things: I am inspired by the work of micro SaaS founders and want to experiment in that space, as well as giving back to the community and contributing more to open source projects.
  • Getting back to Operations Research: I am trying to focus on work that is not pure web development but also intersects more with science.

The feedback I received was that:
  • As a Tech Lead, my Product Manager counter parts have enjoyed working with me because I have a strong sense of business priorities and try really hard to avoid overengineering if we don't have to.
  • My engineering counter parts have enjoyed working with me because I keep a strong focus on readability, reusability, maintanability and reliability of our code base. No one likes getting their nights or weekend ruined by a Pager Duty alert. However we do like finding a well documented code base that just "makes sense" when we need to add a new feature.

If you think that you could use my help, let's have a chat.