No Code at Finance Heros


Finance Heros is one of the French leader on the market of financial advice.


The founder, Hugo Bompard formerly cofounded Nalo - which is a robot investor. While doing this, he learned the belts and whistles of SEO techniques: Quality content and being referenced by leading websites. This was useful for Finance Heros for which SEO is the core user acquisition.

Hugo doesn't have a CS background but he learned to build a few things with Nalo.

What are the no code tools they use


The bread and butter was to have a website to push content. They want for the industry standard and decided to use Wordpress with the ACF plugin to add custom fields.


To organize the teams workflows, which articles to work on next: Notion Pretty basic usage of it.

Calculators front ends with Tally

They wanted to build an investment simulator. Hugo built the BE but didn't want to invest time in the front end, so he went with Tally Which was similar to Typeform but he liked the customizations better.

On the form submit, you can connect to your custom webhook, which is what they use.

Newsletters with Active Campaign

Also really important for their business They decided to go with Active campaign but now find it expensive and not that great. Hugo found out that the rules for automation were the best: Specifically they wanted to send mail at a specific time.

What is missing in the toolbox?

For marketing

Next tool he is looking at: ConvertKit, a suite of marketing tools to increase their reach

For analytics

The current gap they have is in connecting the SEO data they get with the article types. The questions they would want to answer easily: "Which types of articles should we focus on based on what we have done and measured so far?"

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